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About Us


Hi, my name is Nick and I am a long term Toronto resident who is opening his house to students and fellow travellers from around the world.

I love to travel but due to work commitments, it is difficult for me to travel at the moment, so I want to welcome the world to my city, Toronto, Canada.

In the past I've travelled to Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Europe, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and the US.

If you're planning to come to Toronto to visit or study then I can help you.

I can help you from picking you up at the airport, to giving you advice about getting around our city.

Our house is nonsmoking.


Check here for frequently asked questions (FAQs).


“For my two month long stay this place was just perfect: a fully furnished room incl. bed linen and towels, shopping possibilites for your everyday needs nearby, and the street car (501 from Queen West) operates all night long. Also, there's not much traffic in the adjacent street, so the room is pretty quiet. And last, but not least: The other tenants are nice and always helpful.”

Ilka, from Germany

"I have been living in Toronto for a couple of years now and I have rented a lot of places here, and I gotta say these rooms are the best I have seen in the city for that price. The place is homey in a way you wouldn't expect from a shared place, but still you get your own complete privacy and everything.

The place is quiet, very clean, air-conditioned and completely furnished. Furnished with taste, the mattress was so good, I just wanted to sleep for the whole day, you get your own TV with enough channels to keep you busy, and Nick is always asking you if there's anything he can do to make your stay better, you don't see any other landlords do that.

Honestly, the place is sweet, it's definitely a place you're gonna look forward to coming home to once you're done with whatever you're doing at the city."

Stam, Toronto

"Thank you Nick, I had a wonderful time in Toronto. I appreciate the cleanliness and convenience of your room. The close proximity to the grocery store and public transit was a big surprise. I would recommend your room to anyone that wants to be in a quiet, safe, and clean part of the city. Although you're located in one of the suburbs of the GTA, getting downtown was a breeze every morning by bus and subway. You'll definitely be the first place that I'll be booking next time I'm in Toronto. I appreciated the privacy and the freedom to do and be where ever I needed to be.

Thanks again Nick. You made my first time in Toronto cost-effective and a pleasure.

We'll keep in touch."

YOSH, Alberta, Canada

"I discovered this house on the Internet. I had visited Toronto in the past and at that time I stayed in an expensive condo in the heart of the city. Now, knowing the city better, I believed that I could find something just as good but for a fraction of the price if I looked a bit further way from Toronto's expensive city centre. When I saw the website I felt I had found what I was looking for. The website had lots of descriptions and information that inspired confidence. Actually, when I arrived, I was surprised by both the room and the apartment itself; it was even better than the photos on the website were showing. That independent floor has been recently refurbished and is in impeccable condition. The room had a TV, a desk and a huge wardrobe (almost another built in division in the room) that were not visible on the photos online. The quality of the mattress of the huge bed was another extra that pleased me and that I could not know in advance. The access to the first floor is completely independent of the house, however, Nick is in the apartment downstairs always available to solve any problem that may occur. The quality of this accommodation is in some aspects better than the expensive condo where I stayed before, but for a fraction of the price asked for accommodation of comparable quality downtown."

Francisco, UK

"Although I am not familiar with lots of things here in Toronto, this house makes me feel like home. To live here is comfortable, peaceful, and something you will never regret."

Hsiang, Taiwan

"When I first arrived to Toronto I had many problems trying to find a place to live temporary. In such a big city is hard to find a place to be both, comfortable and money-convenient. So, when I found I couldn't believe what Nick offers. The place is very clean, quiet and spacious. You get everything you need for a home-feeling short stay in Toronto. You also get a high quality service even before getting to the house. Nick answered to my room request really fast. He offers picking you up at the airport and once you get to the house, he will do everything he can to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. "

Gadi, Mexico

"Hope you are fine with the family. I want to thank you for your help and support during my stay in Toronto. I still remember how you help me to reach Hamilton for my exam, very early in the morning. The accommodation at MacDonald Street was excellent, and the neighbors were very kind. I wish to come back in the near future"

Dr Magdi Soliman, Oman

"The room and board at your place was awesome and gave me a real welcome home feeling. The place was always nice and clean, the neighbors were very friendly, and the roommates were great people to get along with. I more than thoroughly enjoyed being there and hope you enjoyed my company when I was there. I would love to stop by there again next time I am in Toronto. Which may be soon."

Greg, Edmonton

"The best summer in my life I spend in Toronto and I am still happy that I found this great house at the beaches. The house, the neighbourhood, the room and the people were absolute perfect and there is no better alternative to stay in Toronto!!!
I enjoyed every single day and would always choose room-for-rent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Florian, Germany

"I found the room and the provided facilities to be in a very good and clean condition. I felt comfortable and also thought that Nick was hospitable and helpful. Additionally, everything (that is amenities, entertainment) was within reasonable travelling distance (i.e. 15 min -20 min to downtown) and the neighbourhood was also safe. So, in a nutshell a good deal for the traveler, so why look anywhere else."

Walter, Germany

"From the moment that I first walked into the house I felt welcome. I lived in this house for more than 8 months and till the day that I went back home I enjoyed it. The most important thing was that I could live my life exactly the way I wanted to and all the things you need in a house for enjoyable living where there. The house was only 10 minutes running from the beach at lake Ontario which was an absolutely great place for sports like running, skating, biking, walking and swimming. Getting downtown was easy by biking through the great city of Toronto."

Frederieke, Holland

"the house is quiet, comfortable, in a good neighbourhood, close to public transport and conveniences (shopping, movies, etc.), and provides many services (clean, sizable kitchen; television & DVD player). It provides a great opportunity to see Toronto, from one of its nicer neighbourhoods."

David, Canada

"room for rent responded quickly and helpfully to my all enquiries, and on my arrival, i found a friendly, well equiped and quiet house awaiting me. i enjoyed being in such a well run and 'homely' place, and can also say that it represented excellent value for money."

Lalage, UK

Please feel free to contact me for further information.



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