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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does it cost to rent a room?

  2. How long does it take to get downtown?

  3. How much does it cost to take a bus or train in Toronto?
  4. Is parking available?

  5. How many bathrooms are there?

  6. What about Laundry?

  7. How long can I rent a room?

  8. How do I make a reservation?


















  1. The house is located in the west end of Toronto (Royal York/Mimico) 1KM north of Toronto's Lake Ontario
    a) Go to Royal York Subway station
    b) Take the Royal York South bus that goes to Mimico Ave
    (ask the driver for help)
    c) when you get off at Mimico Ave (in front of No Frills supermarket) go left (south) until you reach MacDonald Street.

  2. It takes approximately 25- 35 minutes to get to downtown Toronto.

  3. Option 1: GO Train
    -10 mts walk to the Mimico Go train station + 15 minutes ride on the GO train to the Union Station, downtown. The trains run once every hour in both ways and every 30 mts at the morning and afternoon peak times. You can buy 10 rides for 35$ but there is no combined scheme with the TTC system (streetcars, subway and buses).

    OPTION 2: Streetcar
    - 10 mts walk through Hillside Avenue and get the Streetcar in the Lakeshore. Then it takes 25 mts on a streetcar to get to South Spadina Avenue in the city centre. You can buy 10 tokens for 22.5$ and a token is valid for a continued ride including buses, streetcars and subway.

    OPTION 3: Bus+Subway
    - under 5 mts walk to the bus stop, then a 10 mts ride on the bus up to the Royal York subway station. The subway takes just over 15 mts to get to North Spadina Avenue. You can buy 10 tokens for 22.5$ and a token is valid for a continued ride including bus, subway and streetcars. Notice than when returning home on the bus from Royal York subway station, the bus stop in front of Hillside Avenue is the closest one to the house (some 2 mts walking).
    (This information was provided by Francisco who stayed with us July 2008)

  4. The cost for an adult is $2.75 for any continuous trip across the city when paying cash (exact change) to the driver.
  5. The closes grocery store is No Frills which is a short walk and is located outside the bus stop.

  6. The library is located 10 minutes from the apartment
  7. No smoking is allowed inside or outside anywhere on the premisis
  8. Each individual room has their own lock and key.
  9. All residents have access to Wireless High Speed Internet.
  10. The telephone is available for emergency situations only. Most long term residents purchase a mobile phone or use Skype.
  11. Overnight guests may be allowed if notified and approved in advance. Guests will be required to pay 25%.
  12. Street parking is available at an additional cost. You can buy a parking permit from the city online
  13. There is one bathroom shared between each apartment. You are required to clean the bathroom after use and each resident is required to do a through cleaning on a weekly basis.
  14. Laundry - A washer and dryer is availble for your use on weekends. We ask that you supply your own HE detergent and fabric softener. You are also requested to limit your use of the laundry to once per week. For use during the week (peak hours) an additional charge may incur.

  15. You can rent a room for as little as 1 week or as long as you want.
  16. We're no longer taking reservations at this time



























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